Rainy Day Milwaukee Wedding

When you think of a summer wedding in Milwaukee you probably don’t visualize a dense fog surrounding the city and dangerously black clouds threatening rain, right?  Well Violet and Jared’s wedding day had exactly those atmospheric qualities.  This brilliant (and beautiful) Bulgarian bride predicted the unpredictable nature of summer in Milwaukee and chose an indoor wedding for that reason.  We had talked before the wedding about still wanting to do the wedding party photos outside, no matter the weather conditions, and settled on providing clear umbrellas as the perfect rainy day prop.  Those umbrella’s were the perfect addition as the sky opened up and released the rain right after the ceremony.  Tim, the newlyweds, golden retriever was probably the wettest of us all – that rain wasn’t going to keep him away from the family portraits!  I really loved capturing Violet and Jared’s rainy wedding day.


vj_wedding-001 vj_wedding-002 vj_wedding-003 vj_wedding-004 vj_wedding-005 vj_wedding-006 vj_wedding-007 vj_wedding-008 vj_wedding-009 vj_wedding-010 vj_wedding-011 vj_wedding-012 vj_wedding-013 vj_wedding-014 vj_wedding-015 vj_wedding-016 vj_wedding-017 vj_wedding-018 vj_wedding-019 vj_wedding-020 vj_wedding-021 vj_wedding-022


vj_wedding-023 vj_wedding-024 vj_wedding-025 vj_wedding-026 vj_wedding-027 vj_wedding-028 vj_wedding-029 vj_wedding-030 vj_wedding-031 vj_wedding-033 vj_wedding-034 vj_wedding-035 vj_wedding-036 vj_wedding-037 vj_wedding-038 vj_wedding-039 vj_wedding-040


vj_wedding-041 vj_wedding-042 vj_wedding-043 vj_wedding-044 vj_wedding-045 vj_wedding-046 vj_wedding-047 vj_wedding-048 vj_wedding-049 vj_wedding-050 vj_wedding-051 vj_wedding-052 vj_wedding-053 vj_wedding-054 vj_wedding-055 vj_wedding-056 vj_wedding-057 vj_wedding-058 vj_wedding-059 vj_wedding-060 vj_wedding-061 vj_wedding-062 vj_wedding-063 vj_wedding-064 vj_wedding-065 vj_wedding-066 vj_wedding-067 vj_wedding-068 vj_wedding-069


vj_wedding-070 vj_wedding-071 vj_wedding-072 vj_wedding-073 vj_wedding-074 vj_wedding-075 vj_wedding-076 vj_wedding-077 vj_wedding-078 vj_wedding-079 vj_wedding-080 vj_wedding-081 vj_wedding-082 vj_wedding-083 vj_wedding-084 vj_wedding-085 vj_wedding-086 vj_wedding-087 vj_wedding-088 vj_wedding-089 vj_wedding-090 vj_wedding-091 vj_wedding-092 vj_wedding-093 vj_wedding-094 vj_wedding-095 vj_wedding-096 vj_wedding-097 vj_wedding-098 vj_wedding-099 vj_wedding-100 vj_wedding-101 vj_wedding-102 vj_wedding-103 vj_wedding-104 vj_wedding-105 vj_wedding-106 vj_wedding-107 vj_wedding-108

South Shore Park Pavilion Wedding

Can you imagine planning a wedding from one thousand miles away?  Well these two did just that, and pulled it off beautifully with the help of family and friends.  With half of the guests coming from Texas and Mexico, there was so much care and consideration put into all the little details.  Jaime’s BHLDN blush gown really set the tone for the entire day, and has to be one of the most beautiful wedding dresses that I have had the pleasure of photographing…maybe ever!  I loved working with these two long distance (and in person!) as they were so calm, cool, and collected the entire planning process.  Take a look at what one can accomplish an from the opposite side of the country.


alizaraephotography_wedding001alizaraephotography_wedding002 alizaraephotography_wedding003 alizaraephotography_wedding004 alizaraephotography_wedding005 alizaraephotography_wedding006 alizaraephotography_wedding007 alizaraephotography_wedding008 alizaraephotography_wedding009 alizaraephotography_wedding010 alizaraephotography_wedding011 alizaraephotography_wedding012 alizaraephotography_wedding013 alizaraephotography_wedding014 alizaraephotography_wedding015 alizaraephotography_wedding016 alizaraephotography_wedding017 alizaraephotography_wedding019 alizaraephotography_wedding020 alizaraephotography_wedding021 alizaraephotography_wedding022


alizaraephotography_wedding023 alizaraephotography_wedding024 alizaraephotography_wedding025 alizaraephotography_wedding026 alizaraephotography_wedding027 alizaraephotography_wedding028 alizaraephotography_wedding030 alizaraephotography_wedding031 alizaraephotography_wedding032 alizaraephotography_wedding033 alizaraephotography_wedding034 alizaraephotography_wedding035  alizaraephotography_wedding037 alizaraephotography_wedding038 alizaraephotography_wedding039 alizaraephotography_wedding040 alizaraephotography_wedding041 alizaraephotography_wedding042 alizaraephotography_wedding043 alizaraephotography_wedding044 alizaraephotography_wedding045 alizaraephotography_wedding046 alizaraephotography_wedding047 alizaraephotography_wedding048


alizaraephotography_wedding049alizaraephotography_wedding051 alizaraephotography_wedding052 alizaraephotography_wedding053 alizaraephotography_wedding054 alizaraephotography_wedding055 alizaraephotography_wedding058 alizaraephotography_wedding059 alizaraephotography_wedding060 alizaraephotography_wedding061 alizaraephotography_wedding062 alizaraephotography_wedding063 alizaraephotography_wedding064 alizaraephotography_wedding065 alizaraephotography_wedding066 alizaraephotography_wedding067 alizaraephotography_wedding068 alizaraephotography_wedding069 alizaraephotography_wedding070 alizaraephotography_wedding071 alizaraephotography_wedding072 alizaraephotography_wedding073 alizaraephotography_wedding074 alizaraephotography_wedding075 alizaraephotography_wedding076 alizaraephotography_wedding077 alizaraephotography_wedding078alizaraephotography_wedding087 alizaraephotography_wedding079 alizaraephotography_wedding081 alizaraephotography_wedding082 alizaraephotography_wedding083 alizaraephotography_wedding084 alizaraephotography_wedding085 alizaraephotography_wedding086 alizaraephotography_wedding088 alizaraephotography_wedding089 alizaraephotography_wedding090 alizaraephotography_wedding091 alizaraephotography_wedding092 alizaraephotography_wedding093 alizaraephotography_wedding094 alizaraephotography_wedding095 alizaraephotography_wedding096 alizaraephotography_wedding097 alizaraephotography_wedding098 alizaraephotography_wedding099 alizaraephotography_wedding100 alizaraephotography_wedding101 alizaraephotography_wedding102 alizaraephotography_wedding103 alizaraephotography_wedding104 alizaraephotography_wedding105 alizaraephotography_wedding106 alizaraephotography_wedding107 alizaraephotography_wedding108 alizaraephotography_wedding109

Rustic Manor 1848 Summer Wedding

Jessica and Steve had the most perfect of summer days for their Rustic Manor 1848 wedding.  I fell madly in love with this location as it is the perfect blend of elegant and rustic, plus it has an absolutely insane amount of impossibly perfect photo backdrops.  So many personal touches turned the venue into the vision that it became on their wedding day.   The bride’s mother grew and arranged many of the flowers that decorated the tabletops, as well as the rosemary that graced each place setting.  Wood Violet designed and arranged the wedding party’s flower arrangements as well as that incredible hop covered trellis.  My favorite part of the day was Steve and Jessica’s first look, it was so full of anticipation and love.  Capturing the pure emotion from that moment had my eyes welling with tears – always the sucker for that kind of love!  I always say that the best part of my job is telling the story of love…it’s one hundred percent true.

Wedding-001 Wedding-002 Wedding-003 Wedding-004 Wedding-005 Wedding-006 Wedding-007 Wedding-008 Wedding-009 Wedding-010 Wedding-011 Wedding-012 Wedding-013 Wedding-014 Wedding-015 Wedding-016 Wedding-017 Wedding-018 Wedding-019 Wedding-020 Wedding-021 Wedding-022 Wedding-024Wedding-023 Wedding-025 Wedding-026 Wedding-027 Wedding-028 Wedding-029 Wedding-030 Wedding-031 Wedding-032 Wedding-033 Wedding-034 Wedding-035 Wedding-036 Wedding-037 Wedding-038 Wedding-039 Wedding-040 Wedding-041 Wedding-042 Wedding-043 Wedding-044 Wedding-045 Wedding-046 Wedding-047 Wedding-048 Wedding-049 Wedding-050 Wedding-051 Wedding-052 Wedding-053 Wedding-054 Wedding-055 Wedding-056 Wedding-057 Wedding-058 Wedding-060 Wedding-061Wedding-059 Wedding-062 Wedding-063 Wedding-064 Wedding-065 Wedding-066 Wedding-067 Wedding-068 Wedding-069 Wedding-070 Wedding-071 Wedding-072 Wedding-073 Wedding-074 Wedding-075 Wedding-076 Wedding-077 Wedding-078 Wedding-079 Wedding-080 Wedding-081 Wedding-082 Wedding-083 Wedding-084 Wedding-085 Wedding-086 Wedding-087 Wedding-088 Wedding-089 Wedding-090 Wedding-091


Wedding-092 Wedding-093 Wedding-094 Wedding-095 Wedding-096 Wedding-097 Wedding-098


Wedding-099 Wedding-100 Wedding-101 Wedding-102 Wedding-103 Wedding-104 Wedding-105 Wedding-106 Wedding-107 Wedding-108 Wedding-109 Wedding-110 Wedding-111 Wedding-112 Wedding-113 Wedding-114 Wedding-115 Wedding-116 Wedding-117 Wedding-118


Wedding-119 Wedding-120 Wedding-121

Daphne – Newborn Photo Session

This newborn session is the perfect example of a successful home photo shoot, and it is were I prefer to take newborn photos.  Daphne’s nursery wasn’t quite ready, and that was nothing to fret about, because the foyer of this wonderfully restored Wauwatosa bungalow had the most beautiful light and decor.  I mean that wallpaper is to die for!  Big brother Milo made a brief appearance before nap time beckoned, and hammed it up for the camera, but he most definitely wanted it to be a solo show.  With family photos sessions I take on a lifestyle approach, and let the events unfold naturally in front of the lens.  Of course I style the location and move arms and legs if needed, but I prefer the real life moments to shine through.  Take a peek for yourself.


Daphne-01 Daphne-02 Daphne-03 Daphne-04 Daphne-05 Daphne-06 Daphne-07 Daphne-08 Daphne-09 Daphne-10 Daphne-11 Daphne-12 Daphne-13 Daphne-14 Daphne-15 Daphne-16 Daphne-17 Daphne-18

Julia’s Senior Photo Session

The day I photographed Julia, it was hot.  Hotter than hot.  Even the lake selfishly kept it’s refreshing breeze.  We somehow managed to keep cool (well, cool enough) to make this senior photo session look like a breath of fresh air.  Julia was up for anything; her sweet nature and easy disposition made my job even more enjoyable.  It was the perfect note to end my senior photo season on.

Blog-15 Untitled-2 Blog-13 Untitled-1 Blog-21Blog-4 Untitled-3



Carly’s Senior Photo Session

Carly and her parents drove into Milwaukee from Fort Atkinson for her senior portrait session, and I took them on a tour of some of my favorite locations to photograph.  The weather was perfect and we took full advantage of the beautiful sunlight.  One of Carly’s outfits was her prom dress – I LOVE photographing big voluminous dresses!  Carly showed me some of her best moves to get that dress twirling.  Definitely a highlight from the shoot.  A gifted flutist, she also plays the piccolo in her school’s marching band.  It was such a joy capturing the multiple talents of this bright beauty.

Untitled-2Carly-36Carly-31Untitled-3Untitled-1Carly-41Carly-23Untitled-4 Carly-35 Carly-32 Untitled-5

Rachel’s Senior Portrait Session

One great thing about Milwaukee is the close distance between a luscious natural environment and an industrial urban one.  Rachel got the best of both locations in her senior portrait session.  We originally planned on just the natural location, but as we sailed through outfits and poses I suggested adding an alternative destination for our backdrop.  Rachel and her mom, Rose, were game!   Walker’s Point, one of the oldest neighborhoods in Milwaukee, is a great source of my inspiration, and it just so happens that I call this neighborhood home.  Rachel and Rose LOVED the city locale and it quickly turned into their favorite part of the shoot.  Keeping an open mind and remaining flexible are two of the best traits to have, especially as a college bound senior.  Good luck to you, Rachel!

Untitled-4Rachel-6Untitled-1Rachel-3 Untitled-2Rachel-23 Untitled-3Rachel-25 Untitled-5Rachel-36

Taylor’s Senior Portrait Session

I am so excited to share Taylor’s senior photos with her very special guest, Cajun.  New locations always excite me, but a new location with a horse?!  Adore!  Three generations of ladies were present for our photo session (someone had to manage the glorious beast!), and their love and support for one another was a beautiful thing to witness.  What a great way to spend a summer day!Taylor-37Untitled-1Taylor-26Taylor-21Untitled-3Taylor-8Untitled-2Taylor-25Taylor-16Taylor-31