Lake Geneva Engagement Session

Little known fact about me is some of my favorite childhood memories take place in Lake Geneva. I have such nostalgia for the local library, the ice cream parlor, and playing on the public beach right next to the Riviera Ballroom. So, I was very excited when Tylar + Casey wanted their engagement session to be in one of my favorite places. While the town that day was bustling with tourists, we were able to have the docks all to ourselves. I loved capturing the quintessential lake lifestyle with the easy comfort of Tylar and Casey’s endearment for one another. These two made my job such a breeze, and I can’t wait to make more memories at their summer wedding!

Wisconsin Winter Engagement Session

Cassie and Chris suggested having their engagement session in their very own backyard in Mequon, Wisconsin, and of course I was beyond excited.  Seeing my couples comfortable in their element makes for a breezy session, and as a bonus Audi got to play a large role in her mom’s (and new dad’s) engagement session.  I must admit I love having pets make a cameo in engagement and wedding photos, they are a part of the family after  all.  Cassie incorporated their upcoming wedding colors into their shoot – pink and teal for the win!  That personalized pop of color really added a little something special to the neutral winter background.  Scroll on to see the cuteness below!

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Rustic Manor 1848 Summer Wedding

Jessica and Steve had the most perfect of summer days for their Rustic Manor 1848 wedding.  I fell madly in love with this location as it is the perfect blend of elegant and rustic, plus it has an absolutely insane amount of impossibly perfect photo backdrops.  So many personal touches turned the venue into the vision that it became on their wedding day.   The bride’s mother grew and arranged many of the flowers that decorated the tabletops, as well as the rosemary that graced each place setting.  Wood Violet designed and arranged the wedding party’s flower arrangements as well as that incredible hop covered trellis.  My favorite part of the day was Steve and Jessica’s first look, it was so full of anticipation and love.  Capturing the pure emotion from that moment had my eyes welling with tears – always the sucker for that kind of love!  I always say that the best part of my job is telling the story of love…it’s one hundred percent true.

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Newborn Photo Session

There is nothing more beautiful than a newborn photo session.  Just look at the proud new parents – see how they beam!  Stefanie and Brian are one of my favorite wedding couples, and I am so honored to have been able to capture the newest edition into their home.  Documenting such a momentous occasion always makes my heart swell.  Just look at this adorable adorable nursery!  I love the star wall behind his crib, and all the elephant accessories that perfectly bring such sweet character into the room.  Baby Miles has the coziest space full of beautiful natural light and a perfect amount of space to grow into (and how quickly they grow!).


Newborn-01 Newborn-02 Newborn-03 Newborn-04 Newborn-05 Newborn-06 Newborn-07 Newborn-08 Newborn-09 Newborn-10 Newborn-11 Newborn-12 Newborn-13 Newborn-14 Newborn-15 Newborn-16 Newborn-17 Newborn-18 Newborn-19 Newborn-20 Newborn-21 Newborn-22 Newborn-23 Newborn-24 Newborn-25 Newborn-26 Newborn-27 Newborn-28 Newborn-29 Newborn-30 Newborn-31 Newborn-32

Newborn Family Portrait Session

Newborn family portrait sessions are about as sweet as they get, but when you add in an adorable big brother then the sweetness doubles.  Big brother James was a big help during the photo session with newbie Cole, and by big help I really mean he was a big ole ham.  He must be following his gorgeous mama’s footsteps who also happens to be a stunning and talented model.  Don’t take my word for it, take a look for yourself!

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Lake Park Engagement Session

There are so many incredible weddings coming up for me this summer and this adorable couple is one of them.  Jessica and Steve had their engagement photo session at one of my favorite spots in Milwaukee, Lake Park.  I am always inspired when I get to photograph at this classically beautiful park and having a pair so in love truly tops the cake.  Now, I just have to wait just over 6 weeks until their wedding day!Lake Park Engagement Engagement-02 Engagement-03 Engagement-04 Engagement-05 Engagement-06 Engagement-07 Engagement-08 Engagement-09 Engagement-10 Engagement-11 Engagement-12 Engagement-13 Engagement-14 Engagement-15 Engagement-16 Engagement-17 Engagement-18 Engagement-19 Engagement-20 Engagement-21 Engagement-22 Engagement-23 Lake Park Engagement




Baby Weston

There is nothing more intimate than being invited into a family’s home to photograph their newest arrival.  Welcome baby Weston.  He is perfect in every way and Boston Terrier Rufus is delighted to be his big brother.  Kristin and Chad have a wonderful vintage farmhouse just outside of Milwaukee, and if I wasn’t there to photograph their newborn you would have caught me capturing the amazing interior design work of the very (and I mean VERY) talented new mom.  Their home is as functional as it is stunning – just wait until you see the nursery!  Jump right in and take a look for yourself.Blog-1

Untitled-3 Blog-22Blog-8 Untitled-1

Weston-260 Untitled-6 Blog-34Blog-15Untitled-4Blog-10Blog-36 Blog-40

Blog-11Rufus Blog-12

The beautifully decorated nursery is so warm, cozy and inviting.  This mom has style for miles.

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