Anodyne Coffee Roasting Co Wedding

What could be more lovely than a rainy spring day at the Walker’s Point Anodyne Coffee Roasting Co? Quite frankly, not much. Savanah and Tyler’s entire wedding day was located in the heart of Milwaukee’s most exciting urban neighborhood of Walker’s Point. Rainy wedding days are grossly underrated, and while the percentage of rain this day was only 20% we happened to have the skies open upon us just after we started taking portraits. The fresh rain, the spring blossoms, and this incredibly fun couple made for some of my most favorite non-traditional wedding portraits.

Rail Hall Milwaukee Wedding

Stefanie and Brian don’t need any superfluous adjectives to describe the kind of love they have, they are just purely and simply in LOVE.  It was such a pleasure photographing their wedding day full of sentiment, laughter, and love.  These two did more than just plan their wedding in the past year, they also bought, “a house and a hobby!”.  So after the ‘I Do’s’, we stopped by the home where they will begin their life together, and spent a few minutes taking portraits in their stunning yard.  From there we made a dash into Tonic, the location of their first date (aw!), to continue on the sentimental journey of their wedding day.  Stefanie and Brian are so comfortable in front of the camera, they make it too easy!  Here is a glimpse into their wedding day.Wedding-3 Wedding-2 Wedding-1 Wedding-6 Wedding-5 Wedding-7 Wedding-4 Wedding-8 Wedding-9 Wedding-10 Wedding-11 Wedding-13 Wedding-12 Wedding-14 Wedding-18 Wedding-15 Wedding-16 Wedding-17Wedding-22Wedding-30Wedding-20Wedding-23Wedding-24Wedding-26Wedding-27Wedding-28Wedding-50Wedding-36Wedding-32Wedding-33Wedding-31Wedding-34Wedding-41Wedding-40Wedding-51Wedding-44Wedding-38Wedding-42Wedding-39Wedding-43Wedding-45Wedding-46Wedding-47Wedding-56Wedding-53Wedding-52Wedding-68Wedding-69Wedding-64Wedding-65Wedding-63Wedding-62Wedding-61Wedding-59Wedding-67Wedding-70Wedding-58Wedding-66Wedding-90Wedding-72Wedding-88Wedding-89Wedding-96Wedding-77Wedding-79Wedding-80Wedding-83Wedding-76Wedding-86Wedding-75Wedding-81Wedding-74Wedding-82Wedding-84Wedding-85Wedding-92 Wedding-93 Wedding-91 Wedding-87Wedding-102Wedding-101Wedding-100Wedding-98Wedding-97Wedding-107Wedding-103Wedding-104

Milwaukee’s East Side Wedding

Not only are Matt and Mandy two of the nicest people you’d be lucky to know, they also throw a fantastic wedding.  These two kept me smiling behind my camera all day long.  It all started with their first look overlooking downtown Milwaukee, from there they got married at The Hamilton, then they ran off with me and their wedding party to have their portraits taken, enjoyed dinner, cut cake, and danced the night away.  It all sounds pretty easy, right?  Well even the best laid plans require a nudge in the right direction…pretty close to the eleventh hour Mandy convinced Matt that they should have a first look, and am I ever glad she did!  Even though rain threatened to challenge our plans, nothing could stop that magical moment when Matt saw his bride-to-be for the first time.  I captured some of my favorite photos from their wedding day during this time.  Well…honestly I have A LOT of favorites, but I think you should take a look for yourself!Wedding-3 Wedding-055 Wedding-1 Wedding-2 Wedding-089 Wedding-4 Wedding-117 Wedding-6 Wedding-115 Wedding-5 Wedding-131

Wedding-7 Wedding-143 Wedding-8 Wedding-162Wedding-168


Wedding-9 Wedding-10 Wedding-11 Wedding-189 Wedding-214


Wedding-13 Wedding-255 Wedding-14 Wedding-15  Wedding-291

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Wedding-523 Wedding-489 Wedding-484 Wedding-480 Wedding-472Wedding-19 Wedding-460


Wedding-663 Wedding-26 Wedding-29 Wedding-573 Wedding-27 Wedding-548Wedding-30 Wedding-24 Wedding-653

Wedding-713 Wedding-22 Wedding-738 Wedding-21

Pritzlaff Wedding

It’s hard to believe that it’s been over 6 weeks since I photographed the wedding of these high school sweethearts.  The day was overcast and moody, but nothing could dampen the spirit of their wedding day.  In fact, many people don’t know this, but cloudy days often make for the most beautiful wedding portraits.  The light is soft and diffused and there is not a harsh shadow to be found anywhere.  Of course, beautiful portraits are just a given with this babealicious (yup, I said it!) twosome.  You can see that Ted and Amanda’s love for each other and their family is insurmountable, one of my favorite photos is the one of Amanda’s dad walking her down the aisle, it gets to me – Every. Single. Time.  Now, this is a bride who has an eye for details – not even one was left to chance.  I could have spent hours alone with her floral arrangements, photographing every single bud and vase.  Honest. (Impressions by Esther Fleming is a goddess of the floral kind.)  Alright!  Enough gushing…take a look and see for yourself!

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