Hubbard Park Lodge Summer Wedding

Remember the long sun soaked days, green trees, flowers in bloom, and soft warm breezes that September graced us with?  Well, there is no better way to ward off that bitter cold Wisconsin fall air then by looking at these warm and inviting images from Bill and Maureen’s summer wedding.  The highlight reel of this wedding is quite long and varied, but my absolute favorite moment to photograph was their perfectly timed wedding ceremony.  The sun was setting on the other side of the Milwaukee River as these two lovebirds exchanged vows under a lace arbor (exquisitely designed by Stems Cut Flowers).  Quite honestly, I could go on gushing all day about this easy breezy warm weather wedding, but I’ll let the photography do the talking.

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Villa Terrace Wedding

Elegant.  Gorgeous.  Alluring.  Inimitable.  Sophisticated.  Lovely.

This impossibly beautiful Milwaukee wedding was all of that and more.  Love and romance was found in leaps and bounds on the day that Nick and Melissa got married.  Overlooking Lake Michigan these two shared their own vows and pledged themselves to one another.  I must say, in front of the camera they have a winning combination:  Melissa’s beauty is effortless and full of grace while Nick is as handsome as he is dashing.  Don’t take my word for it – just scroll down to see for yourselves.

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