Lake Lawn Resort Wedding

Carlie + Amy got married at Lake Lawn Resort in Delavan, Wisconsin.  Carlie’s family has vacationed there for generations, and the girls decided it was the perfect destination for their wedding.  Now every holiday spent at Lake Lawn will feel even more special.

Weather always plays a big part in a wedding day, and when you have an outdoor wedding you always hope you can stick with plan A.  Short of a torrential downpour, nothing was going to stop these brides from walking down to the lakefront for their vows.  The day may have started a little grey, but by the time the brides were ready to seal the deal the cloud coverage significantly lightened to the most luminous of lighting conditions.  I loved photographing their engagement session in Chicago, but I loved photographing their marriage and (super awesome) families even more.  Their wedding day was certainly one of my favorites.




Logan Square Engagement Session

One of the great things about calling Milwaukee home, is that the great city of Chicago is the cool neighbor straight to the south.  I was so excited to meet with Amy and Carlie for their engagement session in Logan Square.  Logan square is so colorful, full of incredible graffiti and bustling streets, which really helped brighten up this gloomy day.  We played around with some of the fun art before going a little more industrial under the “L”.  I love a couple willing to explore locations that may appear at first glance less than appealing, but there was nothing but love and beauty in front of my lens that day.

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Urban Ecology Summer Wedding

This wedding has it all:  a ceremony in the woods, lots of love, the cutest flower girls (and ringbear!), two brides, and two dresses!  April and Rachelle had a sweet and intimate outdoor wedding ceremony at the Riverside Urban Ecology Center.  Under the canopy of trees, they shared their vows to each other and their daughter Oralia – everyone was in tears.  I was even weeping behind my camera!  Nothing gets me more excited on wedding days then the grand reveal of the wedding dress, so you can imagine my delight at having two wedding dresses to capture!  Both brides showed off their distinct style with their choices of dresses, and it made for a very shutter happy photographer.  Dive in and check it out.  Just wait until you see those flower girls – too cute!


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