Hubbard Park Lodge Summer Wedding

Remember the long sun soaked days, green trees, flowers in bloom, and soft warm breezes that September graced us with?  Well, there is no better way to ward off that bitter cold Wisconsin fall air then by looking at these warm and inviting images from Bill and Maureen’s summer wedding.  The highlight reel of this wedding is quite long and varied, but my absolute favorite moment to photograph was their perfectly timed wedding ceremony.  The sun was setting on the other side of the Milwaukee River as these two lovebirds exchanged vows under a lace arbor (exquisitely designed by Stems Cut Flowers).  Quite honestly, I could go on gushing all day about this easy breezy warm weather wedding, but I’ll let the photography do the talking.

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Queen Anne’s Lace Maternity Photo Shoot

There is a lot that goes into a photo shoot, but one of the most important elements is hair and make-up.  Girls want to feel their best when they’re standing in front of a camera, especially when the photos being taken are for momentous occasions.  We were so fortunate to be able to book my dear friend (the super talented) Gina Barrington to do (our mama-to-be) Anne’s hair and make-up for the photo-shoot.  Gina is co-owner of  Wide Eyed Beauty – Ladies, check them out. There is nothing quite like Wide Eyed Beauty in the Milwaukee/Wisconsin area – they are an exclusive on-site full service hair, make-up and nail team.  Full disclosure:  Gina did my hair and make-up for my wedding in New Mexico last year.

For her maternity shots, Anne wanted a more natural location and I knew just the place to take her.  This secret location happened to be in full bloom of Queen Anne’s Lace, a favorite of Anne’s, and the trails that led into the woods were lined with wild flowers.  I am so happy that I was able to capture a few beautiful moments with this radiant beauty!  Take a look for yourself – this momma-to-be just glows.