DIY Outdoor Wisconsin Wedding

Nathan and Shelby’s garden themed wedding still has me going, “GAH!”.  Besides being insanely gorgeous in front of the camera, they are also insanely gorgeous on the inside, and that makes for the most sincerely stunning images.  I absolutely loved working with this incredible couple and their wonderful family.  Nathan and Shelby’s splendid affair was a true labor of love, and a great example of a DIY wedding.  From the chalkboard signs, church pews, dilly bean wedding favors, to the couple’s very own restaurant fulfilling the delicious catering, no detail was presented without their careful restoration, salvage, or modification.  Narrowing down the entire collection of photos from their outdoor Wisconsin wedding day into this post was extremely difficult as there was so much attention to detail, and so many beautiful moments constantly unfolding.  So, I present you to the quintessence of their loved filled wedding day.

sn_wedding001 sn_wedding002 sn_wedding003 sn_wedding004 sn_wedding005 sn_wedding006 sn_wedding007 sn_wedding008 sn_wedding009 sn_wedding010 sn_wedding011 sn_wedding012 sn_wedding013 sn_wedding014 sn_wedding015 sn_wedding016sn_wedding018 sn_wedding017 sn_wedding019 sn_wedding020 sn_wedding021 sn_wedding022 sn_wedding023 sn_wedding024 sn_wedding025 sn_wedding026 sn_wedding027 sn_wedding028 sn_wedding029 sn_wedding030 sn_wedding031 sn_wedding032 sn_wedding033 sn_wedding034 sn_wedding035 sn_wedding036 sn_wedding037 sn_wedding038 sn_wedding039 sn_wedding040 sn_wedding041 sn_wedding042 sn_wedding043 sn_wedding044 sn_wedding045 sn_wedding046 sn_wedding047 sn_wedding048 sn_wedding049 sn_wedding050 sn_wedding051 sn_wedding052 sn_wedding053 sn_wedding054 sn_wedding055 sn_wedding056 sn_wedding057 sn_wedding058 sn_wedding059 sn_wedding060 sn_wedding061 sn_wedding062 sn_wedding063 sn_wedding064 sn_wedding065 sn_wedding066 sn_wedding067 sn_wedding068 sn_wedding069 sn_wedding071 sn_wedding072 sn_wedding073 sn_wedding074 sn_wedding075 sn_wedding076 sn_wedding077 sn_wedding078 sn_wedding079 sn_wedding080 sn_wedding081 sn_wedding082 sn_wedding083 sn_wedding084 sn_wedding085 sn_wedding086 sn_wedding087 sn_wedding088 sn_wedding089 sn_wedding090 sn_wedding091 sn_wedding092 sn_wedding093 sn_wedding094 sn_wedding095 sn_wedding096 sn_wedding097 sn_wedding098 sn_wedding099 sn_wedding100 sn_wedding101 sn_wedding102 sn_wedding103 sn_wedding104 sn_wedding105 sn_wedding106 sn_wedding107 sn_wedding108 sn_wedding109 sn_wedding110 sn_wedding111 sn_wedding112 sn_wedding113 sn_wedding114 sn_wedding115 sn_wedding116 sn_wedding117 sn_wedding118 sn_wedding119 sn_wedding120 sn_wedding121 sn_wedding122 sn_wedding123

Rustic Manor 1848 Summer Wedding

Jessica and Steve had the most perfect of summer days for their Rustic Manor 1848 wedding.  I fell madly in love with this location as it is the perfect blend of elegant and rustic, plus it has an absolutely insane amount of impossibly perfect photo backdrops.  So many personal touches turned the venue into the vision that it became on their wedding day.   The bride’s mother grew and arranged many of the flowers that decorated the tabletops, as well as the rosemary that graced each place setting.  Wood Violet designed and arranged the wedding party’s flower arrangements as well as that incredible hop covered trellis.  My favorite part of the day was Steve and Jessica’s first look, it was so full of anticipation and love.  Capturing the pure emotion from that moment had my eyes welling with tears – always the sucker for that kind of love!  I always say that the best part of my job is telling the story of love…it’s one hundred percent true.

Wedding-001 Wedding-002 Wedding-003 Wedding-004 Wedding-005 Wedding-006 Wedding-007 Wedding-008 Wedding-009 Wedding-010 Wedding-011 Wedding-012 Wedding-013 Wedding-014 Wedding-015 Wedding-016 Wedding-017 Wedding-018 Wedding-019 Wedding-020 Wedding-021 Wedding-022 Wedding-024Wedding-023 Wedding-025 Wedding-026 Wedding-027 Wedding-028 Wedding-029 Wedding-030 Wedding-031 Wedding-032 Wedding-033 Wedding-034 Wedding-035 Wedding-036 Wedding-037 Wedding-038 Wedding-039 Wedding-040 Wedding-041 Wedding-042 Wedding-043 Wedding-044 Wedding-045 Wedding-046 Wedding-047 Wedding-048 Wedding-049 Wedding-050 Wedding-051 Wedding-052 Wedding-053 Wedding-054 Wedding-055 Wedding-056 Wedding-057 Wedding-058 Wedding-060 Wedding-061Wedding-059 Wedding-062 Wedding-063 Wedding-064 Wedding-065 Wedding-066 Wedding-067 Wedding-068 Wedding-069 Wedding-070 Wedding-071 Wedding-072 Wedding-073 Wedding-074 Wedding-075 Wedding-076 Wedding-077 Wedding-078 Wedding-079 Wedding-080 Wedding-081 Wedding-082 Wedding-083 Wedding-084 Wedding-085 Wedding-086 Wedding-087 Wedding-088 Wedding-089 Wedding-090 Wedding-091


Wedding-092 Wedding-093 Wedding-094 Wedding-095 Wedding-096 Wedding-097 Wedding-098


Wedding-099 Wedding-100 Wedding-101 Wedding-102 Wedding-103 Wedding-104 Wedding-105 Wedding-106 Wedding-107 Wedding-108 Wedding-109 Wedding-110 Wedding-111 Wedding-112 Wedding-113 Wedding-114 Wedding-115 Wedding-116 Wedding-117 Wedding-118


Wedding-119 Wedding-120 Wedding-121

Olin Park, Madison Wedding

A long distance romance, a masters degree, and international travel couldn’t keep these lovebirds from planning the outdoor wedding of their dreams.  Brittany and Nick’s heartfelt vows and fantastic dance party kept everyone in the moment from the ceremony to the reception.  Their wedding day was just the beginning of their journey, for not even a week later they were packing up their bags and heading to their new life in Canada.  O Canada!


Wedding_01 Wedding_02 Wedding_03 Wedding_05 Wedding_06 Wedding_07 Wedding_08 Wedding_04 Wedding-11 Wedding-10 Wedding-12 Wedding-13 Wedding-16 Wedding-17 Wedding-09Wedding-19 Wedding-26 Wedding-21 Wedding-22 Wedding-23 Wedding-25 Wedding-20Wedding-27 Wedding-28 Wedding-32 Wedding-29 Wedding-33 Wedding-31

Wedding-46Wedding-36Wedding-51 Wedding-43  Wedding-41 Wedding-38 Wedding-42Wedding-35 Wedding-45 Wedding-34Wedding-53Wedding-59Wedding-50Wedding-52Wedding-54Wedding-56Wedding-55Wedding-58Wedding-49Wedding-57Wedding-60Wedding-61Wedding-48

Hubbard Park Lodge Summer Wedding

Remember the long sun soaked days, green trees, flowers in bloom, and soft warm breezes that September graced us with?  Well, there is no better way to ward off that bitter cold Wisconsin fall air then by looking at these warm and inviting images from Bill and Maureen’s summer wedding.  The highlight reel of this wedding is quite long and varied, but my absolute favorite moment to photograph was their perfectly timed wedding ceremony.  The sun was setting on the other side of the Milwaukee River as these two lovebirds exchanged vows under a lace arbor (exquisitely designed by Stems Cut Flowers).  Quite honestly, I could go on gushing all day about this easy breezy warm weather wedding, but I’ll let the photography do the talking.

Untitled-2 Untitled-1 Untitled-3 Untitled-4 Untitled-6 Untitled-5Untitled-8 Untitled-7 Wedding_147 Untitled-11 Wedding_240 Untitled-9 Wedding_155Wedding_168 Wedding_169 Wedding_170 Wedding_172Untitled-10 Wedding_193 Wedding_251 Wedding_213 Wedding_215 Wedding_255Untitled-12 Wedding_264 Wedding_271Untitled-13 Wedding_348 Untitled-16Wedding_368 Untitled-17 Wedding_373 Untitled-18 Wedding_466 Untitled-19 Untitled-20Untitled-23 Untitled-24 Wedding_281 Untitled-22 Untitled-15 Untitled-14 Wedding_601 Untitled-25 Wedding_705 Untitled-26 Wedding_675