Milwaukee Boudoir Studio

There have been many changes happening with Aliza Rae Photography, I have been quietly working on a new venture, and I am happy to announce the debut of my Boudoir photo studio!  It is a thrill to be able to offer clients a spacious natural light location to create stunning boudoir imagery for themselves and their special someone.  Along with my new studio I have also been transitioning from a primarily digital photographer to a fine art film photographer.  Film has soul – my training as a photographer was on film and I am so happy to be going back to my roots.  Boudoir photography is about creating alluring images and capturing the natural and true beauty of YOU!  Book your boudoir session today, because this is YOUR time to shine.


Boudoir_Film_02Boudoir_Film_05Boudoir_Film_03  Boudoir_06Boudoir_Film_09 Boudoir_Film_10Boudoir_02  Boudoir_Film_08  Boudoir_06 Boudoir_10 Boudoir_12 Boudoir_01jpg Boudoir_02 Boudoir_Film_01Boudoir_Film_04 Boudoir_Film_06 Boudoir_Film_07   Boudoir_03