Lake Park Family Portrait Session

The beautiful Leone family joined me in Lake Park for their fall family portrait session. This family of 4 has now turned into a family of 5, but just because I am behind on my blogging doesn’t mean I couldn’t post this treasure of a photo session. Milo and Daphne had me in stitches the entire time – they kept us all on our toes with their playful antics.

Riverside Park Family Portrait Session

Trevor, Lindsey and family met me at the East Side’s Riverside Park to embark on a nature walk style family portrait session. Let’s be real, kids don’t love to stand still looking at a camera and cheesin’. So I prefer to encourage an activity that documents the joy of childhood (and familyhood…is that even a word? Well, I deem it one now.) while still squeezing in a few of those quintessential portraits that are always favorites. The mosquitoes may have been thick this humid spring morning, but we managed to get a little tree climbing in and artifact finding before we were eaten alive. So I’ll use this time to remind myself and you (if you’re considering any type of outdoor shoot) to bring sunblock, bug repellent, SNACKS!, and water. Can’t wait to make socially distant photos with you this 2020 season.

Intimate Hotel Metro Wedding

One of my favorite weddings of 2016 was Rita and Tory’s perfectly styled modern soiree.  The vision of this  intimate affair was created and executed by the bride herself.  Rita is a very talented local interior designer so you can imagine that no detail was left to fate.  One of my favorite moments of their wedding day was when Tory saw Rita for the first time as she exited the hotel’s vintage taxi cab.  After their first look we spent a few minutes taking portraits down the street incorporating Milwaukee’s architecture, playing into Tory’s profession.  I loved the simplicity and ease of their wedding ceremony.  Rita and Tory walked each other down the aisle and said their “I do’s” in front of their closest friends and family.  I am so honored to have been chosen to document Rita and Tory’s intimate and inimitable day.

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Legend of Bristlecone Wedding

Cassie and Chris got married at their church on a beautiful, albeit hot, day in August.  Their handwritten vows brought tears to everyone’s eyes, and filled the chapel with laughter.  After their ceremony we headed over to Glacier Hills County Park for the perfect Wisconsin backdrop.  I loved how the bright pink dresses and florals popped off of all the greenery.  Their wedding reception was held at Legend of Bristlecone and was styled perfectly.  That Simmas cake still make me drool just looking at it!  Cassie and Chris’ day flowed so smoothly, and they even got to enjoy their full cocktail hour!  It was such a special day full of love, and I am so happy to have been a part of it.

I have to give a special shout out to my second photographer, Robbie, since he is the ultimate professional, and also my assistant, Sarah, who nailed the lighting during all of the reception.  Thanks guys – you truly make every wedding a success!

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Sheridan Park Engagement Session

I absolutely love Sheridan Park in St. Francis, just south of Milwaukee gracing the shores of Lake Michigan.  Vivian and Chris’ engagement photo session looks like it spanned multiple locations, but in reality we had all that variation at our fingertips from the parking lot to the lake.  These lovebirds coordinated both of their looks, but kept it simple and true to their own personal style.  Just take a look at that dress number!  It’s so hard to pick a favorite from this session, but I think the dainty pink blossoms really show the beauty of the season and tied in (unintentionally, but) perfectly with their second look.

Sheridan Park Engagement Engagement-02 Engagement-03 Engagement-04 Engagement-05 Engagement-06 Engagement-07 Engagement-08 Engagement-09Engagement-18 Engagement-10 Engagement-11 Engagement-12 Engagement-13 Engagement-14 Engagement-15 Engagement-16 Engagement-17 Engagement-19 Engagement-20 Engagement-21 Engagement-22 Engagement-23 Engagement-24 Engagement-25 Engagement-26 Engagement-27

Rustic Manor 1848 Summer Wedding

Jessica and Steve had the most perfect of summer days for their Rustic Manor 1848 wedding.  I fell madly in love with this location as it is the perfect blend of elegant and rustic, plus it has an absolutely insane amount of impossibly perfect photo backdrops.  So many personal touches turned the venue into the vision that it became on their wedding day.   The bride’s mother grew and arranged many of the flowers that decorated the tabletops, as well as the rosemary that graced each place setting.  Wood Violet designed and arranged the wedding party’s flower arrangements as well as that incredible hop covered trellis.  My favorite part of the day was Steve and Jessica’s first look, it was so full of anticipation and love.  Capturing the pure emotion from that moment had my eyes welling with tears – always the sucker for that kind of love!  I always say that the best part of my job is telling the story of love…it’s one hundred percent true.

Wedding-001 Wedding-002 Wedding-003 Wedding-004 Wedding-005 Wedding-006 Wedding-007 Wedding-008 Wedding-009 Wedding-010 Wedding-011 Wedding-012 Wedding-013 Wedding-014 Wedding-015 Wedding-016 Wedding-017 Wedding-018 Wedding-019 Wedding-020 Wedding-021 Wedding-022 Wedding-024Wedding-023 Wedding-025 Wedding-026 Wedding-027 Wedding-028 Wedding-029 Wedding-030 Wedding-031 Wedding-032 Wedding-033 Wedding-034 Wedding-035 Wedding-036 Wedding-037 Wedding-038 Wedding-039 Wedding-040 Wedding-041 Wedding-042 Wedding-043 Wedding-044 Wedding-045 Wedding-046 Wedding-047 Wedding-048 Wedding-049 Wedding-050 Wedding-051 Wedding-052 Wedding-053 Wedding-054 Wedding-055 Wedding-056 Wedding-057 Wedding-058 Wedding-060 Wedding-061Wedding-059 Wedding-062 Wedding-063 Wedding-064 Wedding-065 Wedding-066 Wedding-067 Wedding-068 Wedding-069 Wedding-070 Wedding-071 Wedding-072 Wedding-073 Wedding-074 Wedding-075 Wedding-076 Wedding-077 Wedding-078 Wedding-079 Wedding-080 Wedding-081 Wedding-082 Wedding-083 Wedding-084 Wedding-085 Wedding-086 Wedding-087 Wedding-088 Wedding-089 Wedding-090 Wedding-091


Wedding-092 Wedding-093 Wedding-094 Wedding-095 Wedding-096 Wedding-097 Wedding-098


Wedding-099 Wedding-100 Wedding-101 Wedding-102 Wedding-103 Wedding-104 Wedding-105 Wedding-106 Wedding-107 Wedding-108 Wedding-109 Wedding-110 Wedding-111 Wedding-112 Wedding-113 Wedding-114 Wedding-115 Wedding-116 Wedding-117 Wedding-118


Wedding-119 Wedding-120 Wedding-121

Boho Modern Wisconsin Wedding

This wedding is so utterly fantastic that I want to travel back in time and do it all again!  Joe and Emily had the most incredible boho modern wedding that Wisconsin has ever seen, and the bride was the mastermind behind all those stylish details.  The English garden inspired private residence, in River Hills, was the perfect backdrop for both the ceremony and reception.  There is so much to love about this wedding:  the stunning Lazaro gown, an amazing couple in love, the inimitable location, the thoughtfully curated tablescapes, etc., etc.!  Scroll on further to see all the enviable wedding style.


Wedding-001 Wedding-002 Wedding-003 Wedding-004 Wedding-005