Julia’s Senior Photo Session

The day I photographed Julia, it was hot.  Hotter than hot.  Even the lake selfishly kept it’s refreshing breeze.  We somehow managed to keep cool (well, cool enough) to make this senior photo session look like a breath of fresh air.  Julia was up for anything; her sweet nature and easy disposition made my job even more enjoyable.  It was the perfect note to end my senior photo season on.

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Carly’s Senior Photo Session

Carly and her parents drove into Milwaukee from Fort Atkinson for her senior portrait session, and I took them on a tour of some of my favorite locations to photograph.  The weather was perfect and we took full advantage of the beautiful sunlight.  One of Carly’s outfits was her prom dress – I LOVE photographing big voluminous dresses!  Carly showed me some of her best moves to get that dress twirling.  Definitely a highlight from the shoot.  A gifted flutist, she also plays the piccolo in her school’s marching band.  It was such a joy capturing the multiple talents of this bright beauty.

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Taylor’s Senior Portrait Session

I am so excited to share Taylor’s senior photos with her very special guest, Cajun.  New locations always excite me, but a new location with a horse?!  Adore!  Three generations of ladies were present for our photo session (someone had to manage the glorious beast!), and their love and support for one another was a beautiful thing to witness.  What a great way to spend a summer day!Taylor-37Untitled-1Taylor-26Taylor-21Untitled-3Taylor-8Untitled-2Taylor-25Taylor-16Taylor-31

Ashley’s Senior Photo Session

One of the things that I love about photographing the upcoming graduating class is the incredible variety in personality and personal style.  Meet Ashley.  She is fun, stylish, adventurous (she happily obliged my inane requests for sitting on a ledge and wading into the weeds), and incredibly sweet.  In my job I couldn’t ask for more!  In one and a half hours we covered two locations, three outfits, and countless beautiful backgrounds.  Looking back at the photos I am still amazed by the variety we had with very little effort – it’s all in the scouting!