Private Residence Wisconsin Wedding

Matt, or Neighbor Matt as my husband and I affectionately call him, met us under neighborly circumstances many years ago in Milwaukee. At about the same time as our friendship was beginning Matt started dating Alissa. We felt as if we were there through their entire courtship…since we lived next door! One evening sitting under our pergola enjoying some refreshments, the happy couple announced their engagement to us and also asked me photograph their wedding day. Of course I was thrilled and honored by the opportunity – maybe even a wee bit giddy! The bride + groom wanted to make the wedding as personal as possible so they eschewed tradition for their unique take on matrimony. It was an affair full of love and generosity as friends lent their house for the location, the caterer Underground Kitchen and was a college friend of Alissa, Courtney of Courtney Joy Floral (an insanely talented floral designer and farmer at Three Brothers Farm to boot!) is one of Alissa’s dearest friends, and the bride’s cousin Caley Conway (just google her) serenaded the crowd. Take a look for yourself!

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