Farmin’ Betty’s Wedding

Have I mentioned that fall weddings really have my heart?  Well, I love everything about them.  Even when the weather seems to be less than ideal there is an indescribable beauty to a drizzly October day.  This wedding was particularly special to me since I first met Sean in a darkroom class in college, and then a couple short years later we ended up working at the same photo studio for a local retailer.  That’s where our lovely bride, Tristine, enters the picture.  Sean and Tristine met, fell in love, and then moved to California.  Bye guys, it was nice knowing you (sniffle).  After these sweethearts got engaged the greatest email hit my inbox (um, YES!  When and where?  I’m there!).  I met them in Big Sur at the the scene of the engagement and we traipsed along the coast making gorgeous images to document this joyous moment in their lives.  But, back to this Farmin’ Betty’s wedding.  Tristine is a very talented photo stylist and a lot of attention and curation went into the vendors she chose to make her vision come to life.  Feisty Flowers nailed the California meets Wisconsin driftwood and succulent crafted centerpieces.  The signature drinks, mason jars (those straws!), perfectly autumn desert table, and his and hers late night snack packs showed both of their personalities in the most captivating yet subtle way.  It’s true that I may have an affinity for autumn weddings, an affinity for Sean and Tristine, and I may have an affinity for this fantastic family venue, but it is truly one of my most favorite weddings of all time.  Scroll down to see all the love, beauty, and how a destination Wisconsin wedding is done just right.



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