Newborn Photo Session

There is nothing more beautiful than a newborn photo session.  Just look at the proud new parents – see how they beam!  Stefanie and Brian are one of my favorite wedding couples, and I am so honored to have been able to capture the newest edition into their home.  Documenting such a momentous occasion always makes my heart swell.  Just look at this adorable adorable nursery!  I love the star wall behind his crib, and all the elephant accessories that perfectly bring such sweet character into the room.  Baby Miles has the coziest space full of beautiful natural light and a perfect amount of space to grow into (and how quickly they grow!).


Newborn-01 Newborn-02 Newborn-03 Newborn-04 Newborn-05 Newborn-06 Newborn-07 Newborn-08 Newborn-09 Newborn-10 Newborn-11 Newborn-12 Newborn-13 Newborn-14 Newborn-15 Newborn-16 Newborn-17 Newborn-18 Newborn-19 Newborn-20 Newborn-21 Newborn-22 Newborn-23 Newborn-24 Newborn-25 Newborn-26 Newborn-27 Newborn-28 Newborn-29 Newborn-30 Newborn-31 Newborn-32

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