Newborn Family Portrait Session

Newborn family portrait sessions are about as sweet as they get, but when you add in an adorable big brother then the sweetness doubles.  Big brother James was a big help during the photo session with newbie Cole, and by big help I really mean he was a big ole ham.  He must be following his gorgeous mama’s footsteps who also happens to be a stunning and talented model.  Don’t take my word for it, take a look for yourself!

alizaraephotography-01 alizaraephotography-02 alizaraephotography-03 alizaraephotography-04 alizaraephotography-05 alizaraephotography-06 alizaraephotography-07 alizaraephotography-08 alizaraephotography-09 alizaraephotography-10 alizaraephotography-11 alizaraephotography-12 alizaraephotography-13 alizaraephotography-14 alizaraephotography-15 alizaraephotography-16 alizaraephotography-17 alizaraephotography-18 alizaraephotography-19 alizaraephotography-20 alizaraephotography-21 alizaraephotography-23 alizaraephotography-24 alizaraephotography-25 alizaraephotography-26 alizaraephotography-27 alizaraephotography-28 alizaraephotography-29 alizaraephotography-30 alizaraephotography-31 alizaraephotography-32 alizaraephotography-33 alizaraephotography-34 alizaraephotography-35 alizaraephotography-36 alizaraephotography-37 alizaraephotography-38 alizaraephotography-39

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