Jamaican Destination Vow Renewal

Last December I had the great honor to photograph Neil and Laura’s 10 year vow renewal in Jamaica!  These two are so wonderful to work with, and their love just permeates every room they walk into.  I mean, just look at how Neil looks at his beautiful wife.  To be honest, I had been waiting for a brutally cold day to blog this particular event, but the weather here in Wisconsin has been so mild this year (not that I’m complaining), and I am in denial that the year is almost over.  Oh, well – instead let the oohing and aahing over this glorious love filled destination vow reneal begin!


Destination-001Destination-019Destination-003Destination-006Destination-014 Destination-004Destination-023 Destination-005 Destination-007Destination-008Destination-012 Destination-009 Destination-010 Destination-011  Destination-013  Destination-015

You may recognize these cuties…one of my favorite wedding couples.  So many friendships blossomed because of Lisa and David.Destination-016 Destination-017 Destination-018  Destination-020 Destination-021 Destination-022 Destination-024 Destination-025 Destination-026


Destination-027 Destination-028 Destination-030 Destination-032 Destination-033 Destination-034


Destination-036 Destination-037Destination-042 Destination-038Destination-040 Destination-043Destination-046 Destination-044Destination-054 Destination-048 Destination-050Destination-053 Destination-051Destination-055 Destination-052 Destination-056 Destination-057 Destination-058 Destination-059 Destination-060





Destination-066 Destination-061 Destination-062 Destination-064 Destination-065 Destination-067 Destination-069Destination-071 Destination-070 Destination-072 Destination-073 Destination-074 Destination-075 Destination-077 Destination-078 Destination-080 Destination-081 Destination-082 Destination-083 Destination-084 Destination-085 Destination-086 Destination-087 Destination-088 Destination-089 Destination-090 Destination-091 Destination-092 Destination-093 Destination-094 Destination-095 Destination-096 Destination-097Destination-098 Destination-099 Destination-100 Destination-101 Destination-102 Destination-103 Destination-104 Destination-105 Destination-106 Destination-107 Destination-108 Destination-109 Destination-110 Destination-111

3 Comments on “Jamaican Destination Vow Renewal

  1. Aliza! You never cease to amaze me with your incredible work! Mark is pretty cool too 😉

  2. I concur! Such phenomenal work Aliza! You and your sneaky side kick were so wonderful throughout the week. And yeah, those floppy hats made for some great moments with everyone. 🙂
    We will now be able to treasure the weeks moments forever thanks to your remarkable talent. THANK YOU!

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