Whispering Springs Vintage Wedding

Rachel and Christian’s wedding day was full of vintage charm and mad love.  Rachel is one of the warmest and sweetest brides that I have had the pleasure of working with, and it is easy to see the love and warmth that surrounds these two.  Their day was so full of love and laughter it had me grinning from ear to ear behind the camera – those are the best kind of weddings for this photographer!  The wedding took place at the architecturally stunning Holy Family Catholic Community in Fond Du Lac and their reception at the beautiful Whispering Spring Golf Club.


Wedding-001 Wedding-002 Wedding-003 Wedding-004 Wedding-005 Wedding-007 Wedding-008 Wedding-009 Wedding-011 Wedding-012Wedding-013 Wedding-014 Wedding-016 Wedding-017 Wedding-018 Wedding-020 Wedding-021 Wedding-022Wedding-026Wedding-025Wedding-027Wedding-028Wedding-029Wedding-030Wedding-031Wedding-032Wedding-034Wedding-035 Wedding-036 Wedding-037 Wedding-038 Wedding-040 Wedding-042 Wedding-043 Wedding-044 Wedding-046 Wedding-047 Wedding-048 Wedding-049 Wedding-050 Wedding-051 Wedding-052 Wedding-054 Wedding-055

Wedding-060Wedding-057 Wedding-058 Wedding-059 Wedding-061 Wedding-062 Wedding-063 Wedding-064 Wedding-065 Wedding-066 Wedding-067 Wedding-069 Wedding-070 Wedding-071 Wedding-072 Wedding-073 Wedding-074 Wedding-078Wedding-076 ]Wedding-079Wedding-080 Wedding-081 Wedding-082 Wedding-083 Wedding-084 Wedding-085 Wedding-086 Wedding-087 Wedding-088 Wedding-089 Wedding-090 Wedding-091 Wedding-092 Wedding-093 Wedding-094 Wedding-097 Wedding-098 Wedding-099 Wedding-100 Wedding-101 Wedding-103 Wedding-104 Wedding-105 Wedding-107  Wedding-110 Wedding-111  Wedding-114 Wedding-115 Wedding-116 Wedding-117  Wedding-119 Wedding-120

Wedding-121 Wedding-122 Wedding-123 Wedding-124 Wedding-125 Wedding-127 Wedding-131 Wedding-132 Wedding-133 Wedding-134 Wedding-135 Wedding-136 Wedding-137 Wedding-138 Wedding-139 Wedding-140 Wedding-141 Wedding-142


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