Sheboygan Resort Wedding

Wisconsin had some very strange summer weather, especially near Lake Michigan.  The July day that Carrie and Jim got married on the shore of the great lake was no exception – there was fog that turned to blue skies and sunshine, then clouds with sprinkles of rain, and the temperature didn’t know if it wanted to be hot or cold.  Of course none of that really matters on the day you marry your true love in front of friends and family.  There was laughter, love, and lots of beauty on this wedding on the shore.

Wedding-01 Wedding-02 Wedding-03 Wedding-04 Wedding-05 Wedding-06 Wedding-07 Wedding-08 Wedding-09 Wedding-10 Wedding-11 Wedding-12 Wedding-13 Wedding-14 Wedding-15 Wedding-16 Wedding-17 Wedding-18Wedding-19 Wedding-20 Wedding-21 Wedding-22 Wedding-23 Wedding-24 Wedding-25 Wedding-26 Wedding-27 Wedding-28 Wedding-29 Wedding-30 Wedding-31 Wedding-33 Wedding-34Wedding-32 Wedding-35 Wedding-36

Wedding-37Wedding-38 Wedding-39 Wedding-40 Wedding-41 Wedding-43 Wedding-44 Wedding-45 Wedding-46 Wedding-47 Wedding-48 Wedding-49 Wedding-50 Wedding-51 Wedding-52 Wedding-53 Wedding-54 Wedding-55 Wedding-56 Wedding-57 Wedding-58 Wedding-59 Wedding-60Wedding-61

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