Olin Park, Madison Wedding

A long distance romance, a masters degree, and international travel couldn’t keep these lovebirds from planning the outdoor wedding of their dreams.  Brittany and Nick’s heartfelt vows and fantastic dance party kept everyone in the moment from the ceremony to the reception.  Their wedding day was just the beginning of their journey, for not even a week later they were packing up their bags and heading to their new life in Canada.  O Canada!


Wedding_01 Wedding_02 Wedding_03 Wedding_05 Wedding_06 Wedding_07 Wedding_08 Wedding_04 Wedding-11 Wedding-10 Wedding-12 Wedding-13 Wedding-16 Wedding-17 Wedding-09Wedding-19 Wedding-26 Wedding-21 Wedding-22 Wedding-23 Wedding-25 Wedding-20Wedding-27 Wedding-28 Wedding-32 Wedding-29 Wedding-33 Wedding-31

Wedding-46Wedding-36Wedding-51 Wedding-43  Wedding-41 Wedding-38 Wedding-42Wedding-35 Wedding-45 Wedding-34Wedding-53Wedding-59Wedding-50Wedding-52Wedding-54Wedding-56Wedding-55Wedding-58Wedding-49Wedding-57Wedding-60Wedding-61Wedding-48

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