Rail Hall Milwaukee Wedding

Stefanie and Brian don’t need any superfluous adjectives to describe the kind of love they have, they are just purely and simply in LOVE.  It was such a pleasure photographing their wedding day full of sentiment, laughter, and love.  These two did more than just plan their wedding in the past year, they also bought, “a house and a hobby!”.  So after the ‘I Do’s’, we stopped by the home where they will begin their life together, and spent a few minutes taking portraits in their stunning yard.  From there we made a dash into Tonic, the location of their first date (aw!), to continue on the sentimental journey of their wedding day.  Stefanie and Brian are so comfortable in front of the camera, they make it too easy!  Here is a glimpse into their wedding day.Wedding-3 Wedding-2 Wedding-1 Wedding-6 Wedding-5 Wedding-7 Wedding-4 Wedding-8 Wedding-9 Wedding-10 Wedding-11 Wedding-13 Wedding-12 Wedding-14 Wedding-18 Wedding-15 Wedding-16 Wedding-17Wedding-22Wedding-30Wedding-20Wedding-23Wedding-24Wedding-26Wedding-27Wedding-28Wedding-50Wedding-36Wedding-32Wedding-33Wedding-31Wedding-34Wedding-41Wedding-40Wedding-51Wedding-44Wedding-38Wedding-42Wedding-39Wedding-43Wedding-45Wedding-46Wedding-47Wedding-56Wedding-53Wedding-52Wedding-68Wedding-69Wedding-64Wedding-65Wedding-63Wedding-62Wedding-61Wedding-59Wedding-67Wedding-70Wedding-58Wedding-66Wedding-90Wedding-72Wedding-88Wedding-89Wedding-96Wedding-77Wedding-79Wedding-80Wedding-83Wedding-76Wedding-86Wedding-75Wedding-81Wedding-74Wedding-82Wedding-84Wedding-85Wedding-92 Wedding-93 Wedding-91 Wedding-87Wedding-102Wedding-101Wedding-100Wedding-98Wedding-97Wedding-107Wedding-103Wedding-104

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