Swedish Dissertation Party

Last month I had the pleasure of taking a trip to Sweden to participate in radiology’s newest member of the academic elite.  After a successful defense of her dissertation there was a wonderful dinner party full of champagne, great food, speeches, songs, dances, and did I mention the traditional snaps?  Swedes have a tradition of singing songs before drinking snaps, as well as singing songs any time the appointed toastmaster instigates such joyous bursts of celebration.  Malin spent many years of research and countless hours writing and then defending her dissertation.  Let’s just say that she had a good reason to celebrate!  Swedes really know how to throw the most charming and traditional affairs.  It was a true pleasure to be able to share in such a joyous and once in a lifetime event.  Cheers!!!  Skal!!!


They even have the best sense of humor!  sweden_02

sweden_01  sweden_05Sweden-55 Sweden-16 sweden_04Sweden-14Sweden-19Sweden-17sweden_09Sweden-15Sweden-28Sweden-29Sweden-30Sweden-27Sweden-26Sweden-43Sweden-46Sweden-44Sweden-47Sweden-40Sweden-42Sweden-49sweden_06sweden_07Sweden-45Sweden-39Sweden-38Sweden-50Sweden-48Sweden-13sweden_08Sweden-12Sweden-37Sweden-53Sweden-143Sweden-56Sweden-35Sweden-11Sweden-20sweden_10Sweden-33

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