Kiara and Cesar Jump the Broom

Kiara and Cesar chose to have a first look in downtown Milwaukee, and I was in charge of picking the location where the two of them would see each other for the first time.  I already had a couple of ideas in mind, but then –EURKEA!  The room that Kiara was getting ready in overlooked the intersection of W Kilbourn Ave and Old World Third St, and as I glanced out the window to see how the weather was fairing I noticed the beautiful architecture of the Milwaukee County Historical Society.  The first look just had to take place there.  I coordinated with my second shooter, Mark, and he transported a nervous Cesar to wait for Kiara’s entrance.  This is one of my favorite first looks to date.  I love the anticipation on Cesar’s face, the drama of Kiara’s dress as she walks towards him, the beautiful building lending the perfect backdrop, and the pure emotion from both of them as they see each other for the first time.  A lot of thought goes into any wedding ceremony, but how about one that is multicultural and nontraditional?  Kiara and Cesar were able to seamlessly infuse both of their familial traditions.  The wedding ceremony was held in Spanish, and translated into English by an interpreter, to honor Cesar’s Mexican heritage.  To honor Kiara’s African American roots, they jumped over the broom.  But wait…there’s more!  Cesar’s dad had a surprise gift for the newlyweds and all of their guests – Aztec Dancers!!!  t was hands down the most exciting thing that I have ever witnessed at a wedding reception.  The drums, the costumes, the energy…it was all so extraordinarily beautiful.  Just take a look for yourself.






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