Rachel’s Senior Portrait Session

One great thing about Milwaukee is the close distance between a luscious natural environment and an industrial urban one.  Rachel got the best of both locations in her senior portrait session.  We originally planned on just the natural location, but as we sailed through outfits and poses I suggested adding an alternative destination for our backdrop.  Rachel and her mom, Rose, were game!   Walker’s Point, one of the oldest neighborhoods in Milwaukee, is a great source of my inspiration, and it just so happens that I call this neighborhood home.  Rachel and Rose LOVED the city locale and it quickly turned into their favorite part of the shoot.  Keeping an open mind and remaining flexible are two of the best traits to have, especially as a college bound senior.  Good luck to you, Rachel!

Untitled-4Rachel-6Untitled-1Rachel-3 Untitled-2Rachel-23 Untitled-3Rachel-25 Untitled-5Rachel-36

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